Granite Wall Plaques at Parc Gwyn Crematorium

Fixed to the exterior wall of the Crematorium building Black Granite Wall Plaques measure 6″ x 4″. They are lettered in gold leaf and will accept a maximum of about 100 letters of inscription.

When deciding on an inscription, it is important to limit lines with the name in to 15 letters as these are cut as capitals. Other lines should be limited to 20 letters.

How long will the plaque remain on the wall?

As part of the purchase price they are mounted in black metal frames on the wall between the Main Chapel exit and the Chapel of Remembrance for a period of ten years.

Please post the completed form and cheque to:

Parc Gwyn Crematorium
SA67 8UD


Granite Wall Plaques
Supply, inscription, fixing & 10 year lease£304.10
Supply of Babies plaque, inscription, fixing (within Babies Garden only) & 10 year lease£86.50